CBGuard scanner with conveyor belt


The Ultimate Conveyor Belt Monitoring System

CBGuard is the monitoring system of superlatives.

It is protecting your conveyor belt from fatal flaws and lets it achieve its maximum performance.

Your conveyor's safety and efficiency are substantially increased.


CBGuard scanner in bottom run

The CBGuard Life Extender is providing precise diagnoses, avoiding premature replacement of the belt due to assumed deficiencies. The belt can be operated up to its real safe limit.


Damages can be eliminated opportunely - avoiding costly downtime of the conveying system and worsening of the damage. Repairs can be performed at the optimum point of time; not unnecessarily early and not too late, as would happen as the result of visual evaluation.


The CBGuard Life Extender is an important part of the mine's or plant's prescriptive resp. predictive maintenance program.

It can be integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things. In combination with other elements of the logistical chain, the optimal time for the next maintenance stop can be scheduled.


The CBGuard X6 series can also measure the exact belt thickness and yield timely information about the upcoming need for a replacement belt.


If it is intended to refurbish conveyor belts, the optimum time for doing this, as well as the eligible segments, can be determined by the CBGuard.


CBGuard scanner in copper ore overland conveyor

Conveyor belts are exposed to high loads and dangers. Apart from countless bending cycles, the belts suffer from permanent material loading impact, from worn, failing or wrongly adjusted conveyor parts, from entrapped objects and from normal aging.


It is essential to detect damage as soon as it occurs so that action can be taken before it worsens.


Having a conveyor belt analysed online during its normal operation by the pioneering CBGuard Life Extender scanning system will deliver precise real-time information about the condition of all of the belt's components.


Virtually every cubic millimeter of the conveyor belt is captured.


The CBGuard is recording all data, and comparing it with target values. If a deficiency exceeds the preset threshold, the system will automatically trigger a customized reaction.


Opened steel cord conveyor belt splice with dramatic consequences

As the weakest parts in conveyor belts, splices put a higher risk on your operation, with possible dramatic consequences.


The CBGuard Life Extender is scanning all of the splices. Each splice in a belt is individually recognized and compared with the target condition.


Any deviation from the desired splice condition will automatically trigger an alarm or even stop the conveyor, for instance in case of threatening failures and opening of a splice.


Through timely detection of such degradations, severe accidents can be prevented.



CBGuard with safety fence

The software automatically generates a complete analysis of the belt.


Visually undetectable damages, for instance broken or corroded steel cords, are identified by the CBGuard at an early stage, so that they can be remedied in good time.


Irregularities like holes, cuts, delaminations, foreign objects, protruding cords, edge damage, abnormal cover wear, even insufficient belt cleaning, are automatically marked and signalled.


CBGuard's smart software, based on world's most advanced face and palmprint recognition algorithms, not only generates a live video with marked deficiencies of the belt, but also tells you exactly what kind of damage it is, how severe it is and where it is.


Conveyor belt users get immediate answers in the most simple and intuitive way to questions as part of Prescriptive Maintenance: Is there a problem with the belt? What is the problem? Is it serious? How should we fix it?


A video can be displayed at any time at any speed, reproducing the entire, high-resolution image of the belt. A detailed inspection report showing all defects can be printed whenever requested.


The condition of the belt can be observed live from any place in the world over the internet.


The CBGuard Life Extender X6 measures the exact belt thickness by triangulation, and creates a contour map of the entire belt length and width.


No other method available today delivers such a wealth of precise information about every detail of a conveyor belt.


The CBGuard is processing a huge amount of data, which is very useful with regard to Big Data analyses.


CBGuard with foundation, protective shield, calming idlers and fence

CBGuard is designed as a standalone system. It can be used as an integral part of the plant's monitoring network (IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things resp. Industry 4.0) and communicate with other electronically monitored conveyor parts and logistical processes.

It is compatible with all types and brands of steel cord conveyor belts. It can be retrofitted in existing conveyors.

compact layout and low weight allows a simple and quick installation, it fits into almost all conveyors.

The preferred installation location is in the lower run of the conveyor system, because the belt needs to run flat through the tunnel of the CBGuard - please see illustration.

A concrete foundation and a safety fence, at a distance of approx. 2 m, have to be provided. Outside the fence, the radiation during the operation of the CBGuard is ≤1 μSv/h, which is in line with international standards.

Additional measures such as protection against external influences, the installation of calming idler(s), a scraper etc. may be required.
The system power supply voltage is 110 - 240 V, with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, a working current  from 6.8 - 13.6 A, and a power consumption of 1500 W.

All features of the CBGuard Life Extender are remotely controllable and programmable over TCP/IP. Remote servicing is possible from anywhere in the world.

The analysis software runs on Windows 7 and 10 Professional. The program is intuitive and very easy to use.


No regular calibration, only little routine maintenance is required.

Detailed installation instructions will be provided with the supply of your CBGuard.


A steel cord conveyor belt

The CBGuard works similar to X-ray systems in health diagnostics and at airports.

Its main components are: a generator-tube module, customized for best image quality and excellent performance, best-in-class X-ray intensity and high reliability; a state-of-the-art multi-channel DH signal acquisition system. A high-precision A/D converter enables seamless photography.


The generator produces artificial X-rays from electricity, with the ionising rays penetrating the moving conveyor belt and then hitting the receiver module – an amorphous silicon imaging field. It is a process like that of photo diodes in a digital camera. Countless, seamless images are continuously generated and defined by CBGuard’s smart software – based on advanced face and palmprint recognition algorithms – checking the condition of the belt, while accounting for the individual structure, size, color and position of deviations and reporting them as a specific event (eg damage).

CBGuard Life Extender

A must for every important conveyor belt

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CBGuard scanner with conveyor belt


The ultimate

conveyor belt

monitoring system

CBGuard Life Extender

A must for every important conveyor belt

Facebook link CBGuard YouTube link CBGuard
Facebook link CBGuard YouTube link CBGuard
CBGuard scanner with conveyor belt
CBGuard scanner in bottom run
CBGuard scanner in copper ore overland conveyor
Opened steel cord conveyor belt splice with dramatic consequences
CBGuard with safety fence
CBGuard with foundation, protective shield, calming idlers and fence
A steel cord conveyor belt
Facebook link CBGuard YouTube link CBGuard
CBGuard scanner with conveyor belt
Facebook link CBGuard YouTube link CBGuard